Meet Bev Nett, Owner and Designer

Working as a kitchen designer for 18 years, Bev Nett brings her passion for beautiful functionality to her company everyday.  From asking the important questions during the initial planning to guiding her clients through the many options for cabinetry, countertop, cabinet hardware and storage accessories, no detail is overlooked.  Bev takes the time to understand a family's needs, lifestyle and budget in order to transform the heart of the home into that special place where you will entertain friends and create many family memories.  

"It is a privilege to help my clients create a warm, carefully designed kitchen where they will enjoy the art of cooking, baking and conversation,” says Bev.  “When we’ve done that, I've accomplished my goal!”

Bev works with many custom builders and homeowners and welcomes you to visit her showroom at her at 700 Garlington Road Greenville, SC 29615
Call to schedule a Design Consultation at 864.676.1717 

"It's so much about listening," Bev says.
"I understand the overwhelming frustration and anxiety the process can bring.  My objective is to help the homeowner achieve the results they want in a relaxed professional manner."  
Renaissance Cabinetry
700 Garlington Road
Greenville, SC 29615